The Tanzanite Wall: Production, government revenue and Community Livelihood

By virtue of Article 27 of the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania and The Natural Wealth and Resources (Permanent Sovereignty) Act of 2017, the protection of natural wealth and resources in Tanzania belongs to the people and the Government, of which the control is entrusted to the President. With this capacity, in order to protect the country’s natural resource His Excellency the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John P. Magufuli in September 2018 ordered the army to construct a wall around Tanzanite mining areas (UKUTA) from Block A to D.


CBA Bank unveils benefits of newly Bulk Mobile Payment

Bulk Mobile payment solution is a product that enables customers to make Bulk & Single payments to mobile wallet holders. This includes employers making payments to casual laborers, insurance companies paying commissions to non-bank account holders, Loan disbursements to non-bank account holders, allowance payments to transporters, Petty cash payments etc. All these payments are being made through CBA’s state of art, internet banking. Customer will be required to upload a file with benefi­ciaries’ names, mobile numbers and amounts to be transferred in order to perform such a transaction.


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