One of the five major issues that the new Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) chairman has listed as his priorities is pushing for the formation of a database putting all private sector players together. Mr Salum Shamte’s agenda is a critical issue that’s already contained in the National Private Sector Development Policy and Strategy.

This plan has been on the cards since 2012, all this while delaying a process to ensure that more private sector operations are formalised. This is why we urge the new TPSF boss to step up lobbying for the fasttracking of this process.

There is a lot the nation misses when 82 per cent of private sector operations are informal. Many informal businesses too are missing the chance to expand their horizons in a more formal environment.

If the envisaged database will see this huge percentage operating formally, then every effort needs to be dedicated to ensuring that the National Private Sector Development Policy and Strategy is realised.

Mr Shamte will also have to doggedly pursue the implementation of the broad-based Blueprint adopted by the government last May to set the stage for amendments to businesses-oriented legislative frameworks in Tanzania.