News that three Form Four students drowned in Lake Victoria on Tuesday are sad indeed.

Here are the lives of three youngsters with a bright future and big dreams cut short in avoidable circumstances.

The students were sailing in the Lake, doing some domestic tourism after conducting a school project on shores of Lake Victoria. The Lake tour was, definitely, sanctioned by teachers accompanying the students.

But the question that we should ask is why proper safety precautions were not taken considering the fact that some of them did not know how to swim.

Unfortunately this is not the first trip to end up with loss of lives of students. The Lucky Vincent disaster of May 2017 that claimed the lives of more than 30 Primary School pupils comes to mind.

And the problem has always been that many school trips are not properly planned with no rescue plans and first aid strategies in place.

We urge schools change and take all the necessary precautions when they arrange school trips.

The ministry of Education should craft strict regulations to ensure that the lives of students and pupils are protected. Local authorities, including the police, should only sanction those trips that meet the required standards.