Reports that the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) is in the process of allowing petroleum products to be sold through approved mobile dispensers in rural areas are good news for rural dwellers.

It is common knowledge that petrol, diesel and kerosene are not readily available in most rural areas, and this has for many years been among factors that have hampered rural development.

People living in rural areas either have to travel tens of kilometres to buy petroleum products, or purchase them from illegal outlets in villages where safety precautions are largely non-existent.

It was only last week that seven people died when petrol that was being illegally sold from a house at a village in Same District was ignited by a charcoal stove.

The new arrangement – which will see petrol, diesel and kerosene being sold from specially outfitted three-wheel motorcycles and small pickups – will not only spur development in rural areas by making petroleum products readily available, but will also create jobs and business opportunities among rural populations.