The World Bank Group is categorical that air transport is an important enabler to achieving economic growth and development.

It underscores the importance of air transport in facilitating integration into the global economy, providing vital connectivity on a national, regional and international scale. Also, itpromotes trade, jobscreation and tourism. That is why the World Bank has financed aviation-related projects worldwide for over 60 years.

Undoubtedly, aviation is the fastest means of transport that’s useful for long distance and for saving time.

It is against this backdrop that Tanzania is urged to invest heavily in airports, modernising existing ones, and expandingthe network. It is indeed sad that only five of Tanzania’s 58 airports and airstrips contribute to the GDP.

This prompted legislators on Monday to urge the government to avoid initiating new projects and, instead, focus on rehabilitating the existing ones.

The Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure noted in its report that Tanzania faces a huge challenge in constructing and renovating airports.

Let’s finish the ongoing airport projects before considering new ones. By having quality ports, we will attract more airlines across the board. Even the national carrier Air Tanzania will also do brisk business.