The front-page report in The Citizen yesterday about gun-shooting at the privately-owned Usa River Academy in Arusha Region on Tuesday is confounding.

For that to happen in a country widely lauded for its historic socio-political stability and people’s safety – and, further, taking into account that the shooting by the Academy’s owner targeted his employees – makes it the more heinous.

The Academy’s owner, Mr Robert Lukumay, seems to have been disoriented by a mild strike by his employees who closed the Academy gate in protest against unpaid salaries over the last six months. On arrival at the scene, Mr Lukumay sprayed bullets, injuring two of the 20-or-so teachers standing behind the gate.

Both teachers were hospitalized, and Mr Lukumay was arrested for questioning by the police.

Fair enough...

But it is shameful that such incidents can occur in our hallowed country: denying employees their rightful earnings – and shooting them when they protest.

Blame partly lies with the local authorities who did nothing after the workers filed their complaint with them last November. This is manifestly wrong.

We must live by the wisdom that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ if we are to successfully nip problems in the bud before they overwhelm us.