In Summary
  • Six people including two journalists in Songwe Region are being held by the police over allegedly spreading false information.

Mbozi. Six people, including two journalists, in Songwe Region are being held by police for two separate incidents including allegedly spreading false information and illegal possession of a key to one of the offices of Mbozi District Council.

Songwe Regional Commissioner Nicodemus Mwangela told reporters on March 21, 2019 that the journalists on March 15, 2019 wrote a story headlined, “Committee bans wearing of uniforms of political parties at the launch of Uhuru Torch,” which, he said, was not true. The story was published in the Majira newspaper and in online platforms.

As the chairman of the committee for the preparations for the launch of the Uhuru Torch race at the national level in Songwe Region, Mr Mwangela said he never made such a statement and that there wasn’t any directive of that kind.

He pointed out that a preparatory meeting for the torch launch was recently held indoors and that there were no reporters invited to cover the meeting.

“It is true we agreed that at the launch of the Uhuru Torch race, whereby Songwe Region is honoured to host its launch at the national level, there should be special uniforms for the event and we are not forcing anyone to put on those uniforms. Also, at the launch anyone with no uniform will be allowed to attend so that we can all come together to cherish our unity,” said Mr Mwangela.

Songwe Regional Police Commander George Kyando confirmed that the police were holding six people including two journalists and four workers of Mbozi District Council.

Declining to name the suspects, Mr Kyando said the journalists, who are being questioned, were accused of writing the false story.

According to Mr Kyando, the other four suspects are being held for allegedly illegal possession for a key to a government office.

However, he declined to divulge details of the incident, saying investigations were ongoing and that once completed he would give full details.

The Uhuru Torch race is expected to be launched at the national level in Songwe Region on April 2, 2019, whereby currently different preparations are ongoing including the construction of a venue for the launch.