Mwanza. Under The Same Sun (UTS), a non-governmental organisation, which fights against the killing and stigmatisation of people with albinism, has asked the government to deal with a new trend of exhuming albino bodies.

Speaking to reporters in Mwanza yesterday, UTS country director Vicky Ntetema said despite a drop in the number of albino killings, incidents of exhuming albino bodies had increased in various parts of the country. According to her, five incidents have been reported to have happened in the past five years.

“This is a new threat to people with albinism. We commend the authorities for their effort to fight against albino killings, but they should also tackle this new trend of exhuming the bodies of people with albinism,” explained Ms Mtetema.

For his part, Mr Peter Ash, the Under the Same Sun chief executive officer appealed to the international community to join hands in the fight against the killing of and violence against people with albinism.

Opening a four-day workshop, which brought together people with albinism and champions against albino killings across the world, Mr Ash said like other human beings, people with albinism had a right to live and be respected as other human beings.

“We cannot have a world, whereby a group of people in society are subjected to killings by fellow family members, friends and neighbours, who hunt for their body parts, believing the latter will earn them great wealth. We must wake up and eradicate this cruel practice,”said Mr Ash.

Mwanza regional community development officer Isaac Ndassa, who represented regional commissioner John Mongella at the workshop assured stakeholders that the government was committed to stopping the killing and stigmatisation of people with albinism through taking legal action against the culprits and public awareness.