In Summary
  • The burial was done last Sunday of the 4-year old boy who seemed to have survived a killing attempt in Njombe Region on December 23, 2018, Meshack Myonga, but then died several weeks later after being discharged from the Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital on January 19 this year.
  • The woman who played a sterling role in seeking to save his life after the failed killing attempt, Ms Jane Chanda, has spoken to The Citizen, narrating the events after the child was found unconscious in a nearby woodland.

Njombe. The burial of the child who survived a killing attempt in Njombe Region, Meshack Myonga (4), but passed away later at Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital last weekend was done in the region on Sunday.

Young Myonga, who lived with his parents in Mji Mwema Street, was kidnapped few hours after he parted with his mother, Ms Rabia Mlelwa.

He died last Saturday after being discharged from the Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital on January 19 this year where he had been taken for medical attention to his neck wound.

Tale of the Good Samaritan

A Mji Mwema resident, Ms Jane Chanda, is the person who played an important role in seeking to save the child’s life after the failed killing attempt.

Narrating the incident, Ms Chanda says she and an unidentified youngster saw little Meshack emerging from the bushes in the Lutheran Area of Mji Mwema in Njombe District.

“I was standing behind the youngster when we saw the child coming running from the bushes. He was naked and held a jacket in one hand. The boy had a bleeding wound in his throat, and we decided to report the incident to the Ten-cell Leader in the area, after which we took him to hospital,” Ms Chanda said.

She said they accompanied with the Ten-cell Leader to the village dispensary from where they were referred to the Regional Hospital in Kibena.

“Although the child was walking at the time when we first saw him, he couldn’t speak – and he was bleeding profusely,” she said.

According to her, Meshack was conscious, until the time they reached at Kibena Regional Hospital where he finally lost consciousness -- and was unconscious all the way to the Referral Hospital in Mbeya city.

She said the child’s parents were yet to be identified, and as Good Samaritans, they had to do everything they could to save Meshack’s life.

“We arrived at the referral hospital in Mbeya at 6pm where the child was sutured at the throat, while unconscious all the time. However, he regained consciousness at midnight, when he started talking, telling us his name and his physical home address,” she said.

Meshack’s parents arrived at the Mbeya Hospital the following day, and the Good Samaritan left the hospital on the third day, having handed responsibility of the child in the hands of his mother.

"He was progressing well the day I left the hospital. I kept communicating with his mother after returning to my home. After Meshack was discharged from the Referral Hospital on January 19 this year, I visited him at their home where he seemed to be progressing well. He could now eat food on his own, and talk,” Ms Chanda said.

Mother speaks on death of her son

Young Meshacks’s mother, Ms Rabia Mlelwa, told The Citizen that, after being discharged from the Mbeya Referral Hospital on January 19 this year, her child was scheduled to report back at the hospital on February 8, 2019 for observation and further action as necessary.

In the event, she said, she and Meshack were taken to the hospital in Mbeya by the office of the District commissioner where the child was admitted in a special room.

“However, doctors called me at 2pm and told me the shocking news that my son had died! I don’t know what exactly happened inside that ‘special room,’ which may have resulted in my son’s death,” she lamented.

“They told me that the child’s throat had withered, and that he had sustained internal bleeding, from which he could die any time,” she added amid tears.

Speaking at the burial, the Njombe District Administrative Secretary (DAS), Mr Emmanuel George, said the government would seek the perpetrators of the killings in the Njombe Region wherever they are, and take them to justice.

He said “the government is alert; it will not sleep on the job. We will continue taking measures on these incidents -- and all that we request of you is your cooperation with our security organs.”

For his part, the Iwungilo Councillor, Mr Reginald Danda, urged his citizens to provide information on their guests to government leaders for recognition and registration.

“We need to be careful during this period. We should avoid taking the law unto our hands, attacking strangers who can’t express themselves. They should instead be reported to local government leaders for vetting and clearance,” he said.