In Summary

National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai has directed the government to again respond to a question on promotions of public servants after having not been satisfied with the previous response, saying the public servants are experiencing strees

Dodoma. National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai has directed that question no. 29 asked by Lupembe lawmaker Joram Hongoli be answered again because, he says, the response has not been satisfactory compared to stresses that public servants have to put up with in the country.

Mr Ndugai said the response did not reflect the reality on the ground facing the public servants, because it did not explain as to why public servants employed in 2012 had not been promoted todate.

"I’m directing the government to give satisfactory explanations why next Thursday why these workers have not been promoted in 2015 and 2018,” he said.

Earlier, responding to the question by Mr Hongoli, the deputy State Minister in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr Josephat Kandege, said during the year 2012/13 a total of 37,388 workers were employed and that they should have been promoted during the year 2016/17.

"However, the workers were not promoted because of the implementation of the public servants’ vetting exercise and verification of secondary education certificates of results," said Mr Kandege.

He said the government would continue promoting public servants in phases, explaining that the last phase of promoting them would be during the 2018/19 budget.