In Summary
  • Mr Lowassa suggests massive reforms should be undertaken for Tanzania to hold free and fair elections.
  • He said mechanisms proposed by the constitutional review commission should be adopted so that the council of elders could be formed to advise top government leaders.

Dar es Salaam. Former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa has criticised the government for instilling fear and hatred in Tanzanians to enable CCM to win elections.

Mr Lowassa was speaking on Friday, October 12, at the University of Dar es Salaam during the Mwalimu Nyerere Intellectual Conference.

The event was held ahead the 19th commemoration of Nyerere’s death.

Mr Lowassa said hatred and fear forced people to elect candidates they would not vote under normal circumstances.

Mr Lowassa was the 2015 Chadema presidential candidate.

He gave the example of the Monduli by-election, saying it appeared like a war zone as police were heavily deployed.

He said public servants had been tasked to ensure the government remained in power. “Some have been quoted as saying they couldn’t let down the government that paid them salaries.”

According to him, Tanzania lacked mechanisms to address issues of unity.

“In the UK, such issues are taken to the Queen. We should reconsider the Constitution Review Commission led by Judge Joseph Warioba to form a council of elders to advise the government.”

He emphasised the need to jealously guard democratic tenets including human rights.

Prof Gaudence Mpangala of the Ruaha Catholic University said CCM had been operating as a single party in a multi-party democracy.

“The party depends on state organs to win elections. That should change,” he said during the televised event.