In Summary
  • Nzega MP Hussein Bashe(CCM) has advised the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development to come up with a comprehensive plan because livestock sector was a cross-cutting issue, and touches various ministries other than the parent ministry.

Dodoma. Nzega Member of Parliament Hussein Bashe (CCM)has argued that livestock is a cross-cutting matter, advising the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries to prepare a comprehensive strategic plan that will be linked to other ministries.

Mr Bashe made the comment on May 22,while contributing to the budget estimates and expenditure of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries for the financial year 2019/2020.

He observed that industrialisation requires that all raw materials for milk production be in place for producers to easily access and buy them.

Giving an example, Mr Bashe said feeding a cow as per the set standards could cost about Sh5,000 a day, and that on average, most cows produce 10 litres of milk a day, while only a few types can produce up to 30 litres a day in the country.

He further said that on average a litre of milk cost between Sh900 and Sh1,000, meaning that for a cow that gives 10 litres, the herder can earn only Sh9,000 or Sh10,000.

Mr Bashe concluded that high costs could prevent small scale breeders from realizing meaningful profits, something that may push them away from the practice or even opt into using traditional means of livestock keeping.

“Livestock is a cross-cutting issue, a master plan is required to guide its linkages with other ministries,” he argued.

Mr Bashe commended the government for its decision not to grant Tanga Fresh a permit to import milk from Rwanda.

The legislator, however, observed that the plan that Rwanda applied was handing a cow to every household, and then set up milk collection points across the country. This, he said, boosted production.