In Summary

  • An expert on lightning from the Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) says the presence of heavy clouds and strong winds are signs of lightning, warning people to take necessary precaution.

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania Meteorological Agency has advised people in coastal areas to avoid walking or standing in open spaces during the downpour to avoid lightning.

TMA Meteorologist Wilberforce Kikwasi said cyclone Kenneth would come with strong winds heavy rains and lightning that require people to take precautions.

 “Standing in open areas is risky because lighting always strikes tall objects. Without poles or trees, the lightning will hit you because you will be taller than any other object around,” he said.

Mr Kikwasi added: “If you find yourself in an open area find an area where lightning will not strike you.”

However, he also warned that standing in areas with long trees could also be dangerous because when lightning strikes it may also affect people under the trees.

“Hiding under long trees is also risky because when it strikes, you may also be affected, so it’s better to stay indoors.”