Dar es Salaam. Election overseers have been warned against misusing money earmarked for councillorship by-elections in 43 wards which will be held on November 26, this year.

Speaking at the close of a three-day seminar for election overseers and their assistants on yesterday the director of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Mr Ramadhan Kailima, called upon the officers to avoid misusing funds. Mr Kailima said already funds have been sent to all councils in the country, whereby councillorship by-elections would be held.

“Election funds should be used in accordance with the NEC procedures. This money should not be diverted to other uses. All government expenditure procedures must be observed carefully. Anyone who would be found to have misappropriated the money would be taken to task in accordance with the law,” he warned.

The NEC director also called upon the election overseers to take into consideration conditions that are specific to their councils, but abide by the procurement procedures when hiring vehicles, purchasing fuel and other necessities for the by-elections. He also insisted on the use of alternative identification cards for voters, who may have lost their cards, adding that the issue was applicable by law.

Mr Kailima made the clarification following concerns by some stakeholders over the use of other identification documents other than voter cards. The acceptable identification documents include driving licences, passports, or national IDs issued by Nida.

He insisted that the law permitted such IDs.

directive given recently about using driving licences, passports, or national IDs issued by NIDA to be used for voting by those lacking cards or those, whose cards were destroyed.

The director reiterated that the issue was applicable by law and had the good intention of improving voting and giving voters the opportunity of taking part in the elections.