In Summary

The four owners of Meis industries limited owner are sought after acquiring Sh46 billion loan for establishment of cement factory in Lindi but only to fail to do so.

Dar es Salaam. The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) is hunting for the owners of MEIS INDUSTRIES LIMITED for allegedly varnishing with Sh46 billion loan.

This was revealed by PCCB deputy director general Brigadier John Mbungo, when speaking to the journalists on Tuesday June 18.

He named the owners of the company as Islam Balhabou, Merey Awadh Saleh, Sabri Kuleib and Abdallah Bin Aliya.

According to him the four acquired the loan in 2011 with the aim of constructing a cement factory in Lindi. The money was part of an investment fund offered to the country by Libya government.

“In 2009 Tanzania government entered an investment agreement with Libya…through the agreement Meis Industries Limited received $20,000,000 (Sh46 Billion) for construction of a cement plant in Machole Mkoani in Lindi but the project hasn’t been implemented since then,” said Mr Mbungo.

He called for the people with information of the whereabouts of the four to contact PCCB.