In Summary
  • This is the first ride-hailing platform to operate in the designated capital of Dodoma. The firm is currently available in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza but plans are underway to expand more.

Dodoma. Ride-hailing platform Taxify has extended its reach to the Dodoma as the company seeks to cement its footprint in East Africa.

“Hundreds of drivers are registered to the platform and ready to accept their first rides,” said the company in a statement.

This is the third city with the company’s presence in Tanzania after Dar es Salaam and Mwanza.

“We are glad to finally launch the first ride-hailing service in Dodoma. We are sure it will bring the convenience of having a ride at your fingertips, thus lessening the snarl-up always associated with the conventional taxis within the Central Business District,’’ said Shivachi Muleji, general manager for East Africa.

“Safety for the consumers shall also be boosted because of the safety features on the Taxify app. One such feature is “Share your ETA” that allows a consumer to share their trip details with their loved ones, adding an extra dimension that is not available in traditional taxis.

Taxify enters Dodoma as the first ride-hailing provider in the city. The company charges 15 per cent commission from the drivers on the platform.

The Taxify country manager in Tanzania, Remmy Eseka, says: “After the biggest city Dar es Salaam and Mwanza town, it was natural that we expanded to Dodoma. We now intend to build a new community in Dodoma Region and continue to gain the trust of the Tanzanian people.”