In Summary
  • Ever wondered if you what it takes to successfully apply for a job online? BrighterMonday Tanzania’s ceo shares some helpful online insights here.

Recruiters are now using online vetting systems to sift out the right candidates for available positions. How you complete the online job application process determines whether you stand out from the competition. BrighterMonday CEO Mili Rughani highlights a checklist to ensure you are on the right track.

Go through the job description

Read the entire job description before applying. Most job seekers make the mistake of skimming through an application then go straight into applying for it. The job description tells you whether you are qualified or not, and should you not meet a requirement, your application gets rejected. Reading the fine details helps you to highlight the key skills required then match your resume to that.

Edit your resume

Most online job applications require one to attach their resume. Edit your resume to fit the job you hope to be hired for. If you are applying for several online jobs, ensure you have a uniquely written resume for all of them. In addition, always confirm that your resume details match that of the application letter (if any). Some online systems screen candidates based on the information they give on both documents; ensure there are no discrepancies.

If need be, consult a career advisor on how to professionally edit your CV. Fortunately, there are online job placement companies l BrighterMonday Tanzania that can help you with this. You only need to submit your resume for reviewing and an expert will respond back with useful tips on email or phone call.

Edit Your Online Profile

There are companies that request job applicants to create an online profile before bidding for jobs. This profile is saved to their database and referenced whenever a job ad is placed by the company. Always edit your online profile to match the requirements of the new job you qualify for. If you added a new skill to your qualifications add that to your online profile to create new opportunities for job consideration. If you are signed up to an online recruiting agency, there will be plenty of career tips from the site on how to edit your profile.

Setup Notifications

Once you successfully apply for a job online, always follow up on the hiring progress. If the recruiting company allowed you to set an online profile, they will automatically send you alerts on the progress of your application. The same can be said about Job Classifieds like BrighterMonday . They not only send RSS feeds on your application progress, they will also alert you to new job openings that you qualify.  

Notifications alert you of a new job, the progress of your application, if there is new information that needs to be added, or if the job ad is closed. Many job seekers stay out in the dark and miss opportunities just because they were not alerted to time.

Search In The Right Places

Sometimes to get the job you want, you must be willing to go out and search. Luckily, you can do all the searching at the comfort of your home with just a laptop and internet. There are plenty of recruitment agencies online you can register with and start applying for jobs. Such agencies have a big database of job ads from potential employers willing to recruit. You can also attend job fairs or cold call potential employers and get leads on how to apply online to their website.

Submit Documents In The Right Format

Always save your documents in a format that can be easily opened by the recruiters. For MS Word, saving your documents as .doc files is ideal. You may also save your documents as PDFs if you want to protect them from being accidentally altered. If your documents are going to be passed from one screening agent to another, a PDF file ensures nothing is tampered with amid the transfer.

How you complete your online job application process determines if you get hired or not. Sign up to BrighterMonday Tanzaniaand get tips on how to apply for jobs, edit your CV professionally, and also have access to a wide online database of jobs you qualify for.