In today’s digital world, businesses are bursting into markets in the blink of an eye. As a result we have dying businesses, while others are surving and very few thriving. Conversely, there are unforeseen opportunities. As a Technologist for more than a decade; being a columnist has made me move beyond digital marketing to digital trends. I would love to balance between being both an influencer and to be influenced. The outcome is knowledge transfer. I have worked with few brands; I have noted that influencers are so much focused on digital marketing. The one thing being taken for granted in the last three decades is the inability for tech companies, which seem to have been created to favour only men, hence ignoring women who are better when it comes to risk averse. On the contrary, having inclusiveness mentality can be foolproof of your brand’s understanding of the nerdy-looking men who are terrible in social situations but excellent at dealing with numbers or algorithms.

The digital trends from Silicon Valley have shown that male-dominated industries were not always the hub of successful and innovative brands. Earlier in the 1960’s, the tech industry was female-dominated till when things evolved out of sheer and morbid curiosity as

working with computers was considered a clerical job like operating a switchboard, hence deemed “women’s oportunities.” The rise film production; specifically with titles like Revenge of the Nerds, Weird Science and WarGames in 60’s, all were experiments to discourage women. Protagonists were nerdy boys winning over pretty and passive girls with impressive tech skills. Today, massive brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google are regarded as some of the best workplaces. However, due to their push for more progressive male-dominated environments; they don’t know yet what they are missing for their exponential growth strategies.

Cite an example of “ 3 Hidden Figures”, a film which came out in 2016 narrating how three genius women who made it possible for the astronaut John Glenn’s successful orbit of the earth in the 1960’s. Despite several hurdles, they contributed heavily to humanity as we know it. By just observing digital and marketing trends, we are able to speculate what will happen in the future. For all the brands if precautions are taken, they can afford to do trial and error experimentations. That might change the ratio of women in technology and innovation, as well as leveling the playing field, hence solving many business problems in the world.

Apart from inclusivity, there are other strategies your brand can experiment with in the digital world. Firstly, we must ensure we know what is changing on the front pages of most of the traditional newspapers. You might be wondering why newspapers? More on that soon. Secondly, be aware of what content has been subtracted. If it’s something your brand is focused doing, then take precautions as you never know what might happen next. Successful brands know how to use traditional media to identify obsolete strategies go the long term and adjust themselves accordingly. Thirdly, there is a need for brands to interact with the consumers. According to a Digital Trends report, 73 per cent of consumers will want to do business with any brand which makes their shopping experiences more relevant to them.

Mr Swai is content director for MobiAid Africa Tanzania Ltd