Dar es Salaam. Viettel E-commerce Limited has inked a deal with NMB Bank Plc that will see the latter facilitating the former’s Halo Pesa agents with e-money (floats).

The deal seeks to help Halo Pesa agents to overcome the float and cash challenge in their operations.

With its 220 branches countrywide, NMB Plc will ease the process of converting floats into cash and cash into float through an advanced system integration that uses reference numbers to identify the Halo Pesa agent. The partnership means that Halo Pesa agents can now go to any NMB branch and access their floats and also convert floats to cash.

“The introduction of this service will enable more than 55,000 registered Halo Pesa agents to have access to e-money or loats and also cash in more than 220 branches in the country with a 98 per cent presence in all the districts,” said Halo Pesa deputy managing director Vu Tuan Long. NMB’s acting retail business head Boma Raballa said the bank’s mission has always been to create innovative products and services that tackle various financial challenges in the country. “It was determined that there is a financial gap is accessing cash from the agents and also converting cash to floats and we saw this as an opportunity to provide a financial solution that is convenient to mobile agents,” he said.