Lindi. The government has dished out a total of Sh6.2 billion to Lindi Region for purposes of renovating and constructing 13 health centres including improving access to health services by the community.

Lindi regional commissioner Godfrey Zambi revealed this when addressing reporters in the region on Tuesday, March 13.

The RC said the cash has already been received and already work has started in the six councils of Kilwa, Liwale, Ruangwa, Lindi Rural, Nachingwea and Lindi Municipality.

Mr Zambi explained that the renovations and construction of the health centres would be carried out by involving residents of the relevant areas instead of using contractors so as to reduce inconveniences and costs.

He elaborated that the money will help renovate and construct new health centres, with a focus on maternity wards, theatres, laboratories and doctors’ rooms.

According to Mr Zambi, the wards that will benefit from the funds include Tingi, Masoko and Pande in Kilwa District, which have been provided with Sh1.4 billion: Ruangwa (Sh1.3 billion) involving Mbekenyera, Mkowe and Mandawa wards while Liwale District will include Kibutuka and Mpengele wards.

He named the other councils as including Lindi Municipality that had been provided with Sh1.1 billion and would involve construction of a new health centre in Mnazi-Mmoja Ward and two others in Lindi Rural that received Sh1.0 billion while Nachingwea had been given Sh400,000,000 million for construction of a health centre in Kilimarondon Ward.

Mr Zambi explained that the amount of the cash given this year was bigger than that dished out last year. However, he failed to mention the amount.